The only reason that I give speeches in Cantonese!

Every year, I stand on a stage in a shopping mall and give a speech in shocking Cantonese. Why? Not because I want to be a source of general amusement for passing shopppers or because I think that it is fair to inflict my poor language skills on innocent passersby. I do it because I am on the board of Helping Hand ( a charity that looks after the poorest elderly in Hong Kong.

And there are two links to this piece. Firstly, public speaking related... When you are speaking in a different language, one thing to bear in mind is that the phrasing you add naturally to pieces in your own tongue may not apply to the second language. You may want to think about getting a native speaker to read your piece to give you the chance to listen to their phrasing and pauses. Even better; get two opinions.

Second link: we take and therefore we need to give back. In Hong Kong, the public support for charities is inspiring. If you have enjoyed reading my ideas, please can you do something in return? Vote for a project Helping Hand has proposed which is part of our campaign to help people understand more about dementia (prevention and coping strategies) How can you help? Register and vote for our project at the following site: Love Ideas ♥ HK

Thank you.. do jeh!


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