Can we do it? Yes we can (even without a speechwriting team!)

"You know, when I watch speakers like Obama, I realise that I will never be a good public speaker" sighed one of my dinner companion last night. "Nor me" agreed the lawyer opposite him.

"Wait" I chipped in " President Obama has a whole team of scriptwriters working for him. They script, direct and coach him in the best way to deliver his speeches. It is like comparing a family photo to an air brushed portrait in a magazine. We can use the professional version for inspiration but reality is never as polished unless of course you have your own team hidden in the back office or weeks to devote to your presentation!"

Use the great speakers for ideas and tips on delivery but please don't compare yourself negatively to them. Every speaker has individual talents and your may find that you become more confident if, rather than thinking you are walking in the shadow of other presenterss, you focus on your strengths and on developing your own unique style.

For more information on the team who wrote Obama's inaugural address:


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