Does anyone really enjoy interviews?

You are wearing a suit you aren't used to, sitting in a room you've never seen before, being asked personal questions by someone you have never seen in your life. yes indeed, it is.... the interview!

How can you make the process less painful? Start with adjusting your worldview. Interviewers aren't trying to weed out the people who don't make the grade; they are trying to find the candidates who excel.

School interviews are the beginning of the fun. Having been told by parents that you shouldn't talk about yourself all the time, you find yourself being told to do just that! How can parents help their child adapt? One way is to help them to identify their strengths both inside and outside school. Talk to them about what makes them special,

University interviews can be a moment of sheer panic. Calm down. Re-read your personal statement or application essays and remind yourself of why the University has chosen to see you (because you sparkle!)

I have interviewed candidates applying for jobs with me who haven't even bothered to read my website. Take this basic step and don't approach it as a set of data to be memorised; think of ways that you can contribute to the business and identify areas that impress you (and score extra points if they concern the person who ends up interviewing you!)

Do your homework.. take a deep breath... and make sure that your suit is comfortable!


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