Instant intelligence - interview preparation for time-pressed students

In an ideal world, you would have months to prepare for an interview. In the real world, you might have a couple of days to prepare. Perfect if you have nothing else to do but time and tide stop for no man and the fact that you have an interview looming does not mean that work/projects/assignments will stop piling up. A time saving idea; use technology!

The morning of the interview, scan the following sites:

Brilliant up to the minute news from the Economist; how do they manage to be so timely? Insightful writing and cunning layout means that you can scan headlines and first paragraphs to become informed.

A UK newspaper with a broad international flavour

Step Two: Look up the company website, identify the key players. Alternatively, if you are going for a university interview, find the name of a few members of the department you are hoping to join. Then use;

A fabulous site which scours the internet to find any references to your chosen person

Try to incorporate your learning into the answers you give and use the news on the department or company to formulate your own questions. Thus armed with up to date news and background information on your target school or company, you are ready to do battle.


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