How do you make listeners listen (without throwing the boardrubber at them)

When I was at school, one nun specialised in throwing board rubbers at girls who weren't listening. Reprehensible? Yes. Effective? Again, yes.

As presenters, the chances are that we will lose part of our audience during at least one of our presentations. This is when the presenter's toolbox comes in to play. Tools at your disposal are:

1: Movement (use your space)
2: Pace
3: Pitch
4: Volume
5: Innovation
6: Persuasive techniues

What is happening? Is your audience dozing off? Move around, raise your voice, add energy? Is your audience rejecting your ideas? Refer to your persuasive tools. Is your audience detached? Ask questions, get them to participate.

Presentations are interactive; read your audience and react to their reactions and, without resorting to the boardrubber, you will keep their attention.


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