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Choosing a school: what are the co-ed options?

Times are changing and boarding schools are alive to the need to offer options. The traditional single-sex or co-ed division has changed.

The diamond structure of schooling (mixed until 11 - single sex until 16 - mixed sixth form)  is possible when single-sex schools are in close proximity. Students benefit from having time to develop at their own pace but can take advantage of a greater range of facilities. Examples include: Berkhamsted School with more to follow (for more information, look at this article from the Spectator:  Insight into diamond schools)

Mixed Sixth forms allow schools to offer a breadth of subjects and to introduce a new cohort at 16+. Successful examples include: Westminster and Charterhouse (who recently announced that they will be going fully co-ed!)

Schools which remain single-sex but take advantage of geographical proximity to offer joint activities  throughout the school include: Sherborne Girls partnering with Sherborne Boys and St Mary's Ascot with Eto…

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