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The Great Outdoors - Our Ocean Park summer course for daring kids!

Fed up with the classroom? So are we... which is why our summer courses this year will take place in Ocean Park.

Every year, British schools from Winchester to Wycombe try to see what motivates their candidates. Kids need experiences which will allow them to take risks, learn about their own strengths (and weaknesses) and taste the excitement of driving their own learning.

I was the Academic Co-ordinator for the Duke TIP programme and watched how transformative experiential learning can be.

Hence... the Brandon pop-up at Ocean Park.

We're bringing in journalists, videographers and TV editors to teach experiential learning programmes. We'll use case studies, real-life examples and project work. We'll run around the Park, becoming journalists, documentary makers, entrepreneurs and even CEOs. We will be amazing!

Communication is key; our students will present, interview and create TED style talks

Never let it be said that we stand still. This will be a summer like no other.


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