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What is a group interview and how do I prepare?

Many selective schools are now using group interviews as part of their selection process. The theory is simple: look at students in relation to each other; do they interact? Do they support each other? Do they stay with students from their own schools or countries? The group interview is a way of predicting how your year group will behave.

There are a few favoured styles for group interviews:

- the debate or discussion - a teacher uses an article or a few ideas in order to prompt a discussion. This is a feature of the Wycombe Abbey interview
- a sports activity - students are expected to follow instructions. Downe House sees how the girls work as a team by using sport.
- a science lesson - Tonbridge see how boys follow guidance, work as a team and use their intellect to engage with experiments
- a treasure hunt - great fun at Benenden.

and my personal favourite...

baking at Downe House! As we all know from Gordon Ramsey- a team which works together in the kitchen is always a winner!


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