Speech Festivals - A source of lifelong learning

The Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival is an event in which many children compete and only a few win. Or do they all win? I believe so! Why?

1: Experience speaking in front of an audience is never wasted; the more opportunities you have, the more confident you become.

2: Poetry enhances vocabulary. I can still remember GK Chesterton's The Donkey which I recited a hundred years ago in a speech festival! It taught me about alliteration, parody and made me look at animals in a completely different way.

3: Festivals are so called because they celebrate the power and beauty of the human voice. Listen to the myriad of ways people read and you may pick up some new skills

We compete, some get placed but all are winners and the prizes last for a lifetime.

To read "The Donkey" by GK Chesterton an outstanding poem for reading aloud

To find out more about Brandon and our philosophy we are opening in Jordan shortly, very exciting!


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