Don't try this in public! Public Speaking Tips

If you are a musician, you play scales to warm up you fingers before playing. If you are a sportsman, you stretch before the vital match. If you are an artist, you sharpen your pencils before beginning your masterpiece. So why on earth would you begin a speech before preparing your voice?

Find a quiet place and do the following.

Step one: shake all the stress out of your body. Don't be shy; as my mother would say as she forced us to try on clothes in Dunne's Stores, "who is going to be looking at you?"

Step two: breathe deeply, releasing your stress. Breathe in to the count of five, out to the count os six.

Step three: hum to yourself to warm up your mouth and chant to open up your vocal chords. Put your heart into it!

There are many more exercises you can do prepares yourself but the key is this; no one can see you and this is your chance to prepare the only instrument you will be using for your speech... your voice.

And to finish; thank you to all my students at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong PolyU) Your enthusiasm and desire to make yourself into superb public speakers has been inspiring. Thank you!


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