Interview Traps Number Two - You never get a second chance to make a first impression

The limp handshake... the avoidance of eye contact... the muttered greeting. Typically not the way you would want to start an interview? Agreed but a poor start does not necessarily mean a miserable finish.

The prospective interviewee has their mind on answering tricky questions but the interview has started the second they walked through the door.

We all suffer from nerves and this affects the way we behave when meeting strangers. Once we have calmed down, we are different people. Unfortunately, those first few minutes count. So does a poor beginning always result in a total failure? Not necessarily...

Be aware of your behaviour under pressure. Do you quake? Do you become aggressive? Do you want to hide in a corner? For adults, once we realise our behaviours we can start to take action. For children, parents can help by observing how they react and make them aware of the effect this has on people.

Having to overcome a poor start means you have to work harder to establish a bond with your interviwer but it is possible. Once you have calmed down, work on eye-contact, interaction and make sure that your final handshake is not of the wet fish variety!


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