A poem by a patriot for Saint Patrick's Day!

Robert Emmet (1778 - 1803) has the dubious honour of being the last man to be hanged, drawn and quartered by the British for his leading role in the 1803 uprising. An incredible character who combined bravery and romanticism, he is one of the greats of Irish history.

Outside Ireland, anyone who lives in San Francisco, Washington or Iowa can see his statue. For people living in Emmet County Iowa, Emmet, Nebraska or Emmet County, Michigan, you are living in towns named to honour an inspirational man. To bring Emmet's words into your house, how about reciting one of his poems this Saint Patrick's day?

My Own Land - Robert Emmet

This world hath many a glorious land,
Where beauty ever dwells,
Old snow-crowned hills, and rivers grand,
And happy summer dells.

Of these the Poet in his lays,
Loves evermore to tell,
Where heroes died in former days,
Where Freedom's martyrs fell.

But my own land is dearer far,
Than all, where'er they be,
My own land - my own land -
Is all the world to me!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

To find out more about Robert Emmet, have a look at www.robertemmet.org


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