Looking like the back end of a bus?

Utterly unrelated to public speaking! We have just opened a second centre in Jordan (the Kowloon version, sadly not the Middle Eastern!) To celebrate the event, we have commissioned a series of adverts with the Kowloon Motor Bus company.

Years ago, I had a student for one of the Hong Kong Speech Festivals whose poem described his heaven as travelling on top of a bus. I suspect that the poem was inspired by the following quotation from scupltor, Henry Moore; "I was in a dream of excitement. When I rode on the open top of a bus I felt that I was travelling in Heaven almost. And that the bus was floating on the air." (accessed at artarchive.com)

Travelling on buses is incredibly relaxing. You have a bird's eye view of the world and there is nothing you can do to affect the speed of your journey. We dash, panic, and bumble our way through life. Sometimes it is worth stopping to savour the moment and what better way that by Brandon Bus?


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