Thank you to my Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students

Whenever I become pessimistic about the future after reading the newspapers I think about my students.

I have recently finished teaching a short public speaking class at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK PolyU) as part of their aim of broadening the academic experience. This year's class had students from Hong Kong, Thailand, Mainland China and Nigeria. Diverse backgrounds but united in their desire to contribute to society and make a difference.

Coming to public speaking early is an incredible experience. Watching this class shed their fears and develop public speaking skills was terrific. They also introduced me to an optimistic world view and shared their hope about the future. Whereas the newspapers are full of doom and gloom, this group are confident that they will try their best to make our world a kinder, more equitable place. Their new found presentation skills will help them to communicate and share their vision in the future and I am incredibly proud to have played a minor part in their development.

For people who don't have the benefit of the PolyU enrichment programme, the basis of becoming a confident public speaker is to have confidence that your words can make a difference.

Thank you to all my students; both for your hard work and for your energy, optimism and determination to change our world for the better.

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