The Public Speaking Day... From Breakfast to Bedtime..

The day is coming to a close... to quote the hymn "night is drawing nigh/Shadows of the evening/Steal across the sky" What better time to reflect on your day and bring it to an end on a high point?

Assuming that your audience has folded up its tents and crept silently away, try this exercise on your own in front of a mirror. The scenario is this:

You are being interviewed by a radio presenter and have been asked to identify the highlights of your day. Use this framework:

1: Summarise the theme of the day
2: Give detail
3: Conclude on lessons you have learned/experiences you have enjoyed/things you never imagined would happen

That is it. Three minutes to combine reflection and public speaking! For today, my speech would be:

1: Today started on a low, wet note and ended on a joyous high.
2: When I arrived at Brandon Learning Centre this morning, one of ths classrooms had flooded. After our brilliant air-conditioner men solved the problem, my spirits were lifted by two adult students. The first drew parallels between Plato and her experiences and the second was enthralled by Robert Frost. Unexpected and delightful. The day ended wonderfully with my class of 11+ English students who are challenging and inspiring.
3: I am learning to find joy by listening, handing over control and looking at the world through a new set of eyes. It requires no effort other than being receptive and the benefits are immense.

Here endeth the lesson... sleep well.


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