The Glittering Prizes: Eton King's Scholars, Radley, CLC, Wycombe scholarships

We had some wonderful news today: one of our Brandon boys has won an Eton College King's Scholarship award. This has been a particularly good year for our students who seem to be scooping up scholarships and exhibitions in a multitude of schools. The girls have won scholarships at: CLC, Wycombe and exhibitions at Benenden. The boys have aced: Eton, Radley, and Oundle.

Brandon has been preparing students for scholarships for over 13 years now.  If you are considering the scholarship route for your son or daughter, the following will help:

1: Understand your child; are they a natural scholar? Some children thrive in academic competitions, others less so. Be honest!

2: Consider a reading list; most prep schools will have a decent list tucked away or the school library is a good place to start. Incorporate fiction, non-fiction and even (gasp) poetry!

3: Be aware of the requirements; do you need to do languages? Cover science? Humanities? What on earth is a General paper?

4: Talk to the schools you are targeting. Some will invite candidates to apply following general exams (Oundle, Winchester), others may be self-selecting.

5: Don't forget about the interview... family discussions are invaluable here.

Above all... start early. This is a marathon, not a sprint! Remember; at any point in the process, if your son or daughter is struggling, go back to point number 1!


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