To improve exam grades... Get some sleep!

We have just had boys sitting Common Entrance for Marlborough College and Radley and ISEB Pre-tests for a whole host of schools. The students sometimes drag themselves in, bleary eyed, desperately trying to cram facts into their tired brains before the exams start.

Every year, I give parents the same advice; the night before the exam, the best thing your child can do is to get an early night and try to relax. This year, I have been passing out a research report which backs up the suggestion!

Researchers at the University of Ghent and of KU Leuven  have found that students who get between six to seven hours' sleep the night before an exam increase their scores by an average of 1.7 points on a scale of 20. That might not sound like much but as a percentage, it could make the difference between an A and B grade.

Sitting down to an exam when your brain is exhausted leads to half-processed ideas and panic. A good night's sleep will allow your child to walk into the exam room bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

Read the evidence and spread the word! Read the full article here


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