Duke TIP - An incredible way to spend the summer for gifted students

Imagine 70 students between the ages of 13 - 18 coming together to study, make friends and, maybe for the first time in their lives, share an environment where they are appreciated and engineering,

Imagine no more, I gave just returned from  a month in Kunshan this July as Academic Coordinator for the Duke University TIP programme where I witnessed an incredible transformation in our students as they studied cryptology, writing, entrepreneurship, biotechnology, international relations and engineering. The course is aimed at gifted students and it was Duke's research in this area which first led me to want to be involved in the programme.

Teaching was inspirational; experiential and thoughtful. Over and above the learning which took place within the classroom, it was fascinating and inspiring to watch the way that students engaged with and respected each other. Gifted learners are often very isolated in their academic settings and being able to find a peer group with shared abilities is an extraordinary experience which the students took full advantage of.

If you have a child who is academically high performing, I strongly recommend exploring the options in your area. The experience will give your son or daughter friends for life and a peer group which will support and encourage them (and three weeks of fun!)

To see more:  Duke TIP in action!


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