Top top for success at Common Entrance: Become a teacher!

Here is a brilliant tip for anyone who is about to sit Common Entrance (or any other exam for that matter!) Reading and making notes will help your remember your information but teaching and explaining your topics will help you even more.

In stages...

1: Revise one of your topics (e.g. life processes) and make your notes,

2: Try to teach the topic back to a member of your family. Plan your lesson around providing the information needed to answer typical Common Entrance questions. Refer to the marking scheme when you are thinking of how much information to include. Your aim is to teach the materials and for your student (victim?) to be able to reply to your questions.

3: As you are teaching, remember to repeat key points or share mnemonics (MRS GREN?!) Through teaching your student, you are ensuring that the topic will stick in your mind.

3: At the end of your lesson, if you have explained everything clearly, your students should be able to give you complete answers.

You are now a complete Common Entrance star and your family should also be experts!


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