13+ Common Entrance or Winchester College Revision Planning

Common Entrance and Scholarship exams are almost upon us...

Easter is a brilliant time to consolidate all your hard work and make a final push before the Common Entrance or scholarship exams.

Try these steps.

Get a copy of the Common Entrance syllabus from iseb.co.uk. Print out each subject.

Choose three coloured pens.

Go through the syllabus and use a different colour to mark each topic depending on your knowledge level (e.g. red - 'I am confident with this topic', green - 'I need to revise', yellow- 'I have no idea!')

Plan your revision based on your findings. If you have identified big topics which are confusing (e.g. tectonic plates) start with those.

In the next update, I will give you some ideas for planning each study session. In the meantime, and importantly, don't panic! I have had students whose grades have gone from Ds to As after Easter revision sessions. There is still time, you just need to use it wisely.


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