How to ace the HK Schools' Speech Festival (HKSMSA)

We have had a few requests for lessons at Brandon this week which have reminded me that the HK Schools' Speech Festival is on the horizon again! I did my first speech festival a LONG time ago but the general concept hasn't changed.

Here are a few things to be thinking about:

Classes - there are so many options to consider. I particularly like teaching Bible Speaking as I feel that, to excel in this area, the speaker really needs to understand the verses in question. The HKSMSA website has the syllabus up already: Have a look here for the different classes

Get the right piece! It sounds obvious but last year at Brandon Learning Centre, we had five students who came in with incorrect versions of their poems. The source of the poem is specified in the HKSMSA syllabus. If you choose prose reading classes, you will also need to get hold of a copy of the book.

Memorisation - once you have your piece, the first step is to understand the texts. The second step is to memorise it. Memorisation without meaning might mean that your child begins with confused phrasing.

More ideas to follow... have fun choosing!


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