Managing your revision or study

As I try to finish my thesis, I am reminded of all my poor study habits! Including:

  1. Procrastinating
  2. Overworking when I am on form resulting in exhaustion 
  3. Distraction... jumping from one topic to another

All the above are common experiences. I suggest the following remedies!

  1. Get on with it. You know you have to start! The arranging of your desk/books/papers isn't really preventing you from studying.
  2. Try to work in blocks with some flexibility. Give yourself breaks. Run around the room to get the blood flowing. Add exercise/eating/time out into your study plan. 
  3. Create a study guide. As you think of new topics, write them in and schedule them within your existing plan. That way, you are acknowledging that there may be something you need to also study but you are not neglecting existing work. 
If your plan is too rigid, you will find sticking to it challenging. If you do get behind, rework your plan, don't panic and try to cram everything in. Most importantly; be realistic and be kind to yourself!

Good luck


  1. Simple yet interesting tips. thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your blog

  2. Thank you very much, Sridhar. I appreciate your feedback and support!


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