Spring CE has just finished - now let's prepare for Summer!

It was a with a massive sigh of relief that our 11+/13+ candidates finished their last exam today. Their papers are now winging their way to Wycombe Abbey, Downe House and Radley College. They worked hard and their results should demonstrate this to their chosen schools. And as for us at Brandon.. we wish them well and turn our thoughts to the Summer candidates!

If your child is preparing for 11+/13+/IGCSE here are some tips to help them to succeed:

1: Talk to teachers now to flag any areas of concern

2: Start thinking about the remaining time and how you are going to manage revision. At Brandon we have intensive 11+/13+ revision classes during the Easter holidays but there is no reason why you can't replicate a tutorial school at home!

3: Start to gather your materials now. Do you have text books, past papers, school notes? Don't rely on your child to bring them home. As we all know, the school bag can be a black hole!

Most importantly... try not to create an atmosphere of panic. There is a school for every child and some of our greatest successes have been students who followed a less predictable path.

And to everyone, Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choy!


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