Use your Typhoon day to create family memories

We are all safe at home as the typhoon batters Hong Kong. Instead of spending the day square-eyed in front on the television or immersed in computer games, how about creating some family memories?


Bake! Scones, biscuits, nothing too complicated. The scent of baking filling the house easily compensates for the greyness outside.

Create a scrap book of family pictures, memories and in-jokes. Something to look back on or use as black-mail when boy/girl friends meet the parents.

Create a family magazine for Grandparents. Write up news, add holiday pictures, recipes or plans for the new term.

Play a board game (avoid Monopoly, the source of explosive arguments in houses across the nation!)

Give younger children magazines and blunt scissors. Ask them to cut out animal pictures and stick them all together to make a zoo, fashion pictures to create a show or just anything that catches their eye.

Create a family quiz. Everyone makes up 20 questions which can be general knowledge, family information or cultural/sports related. Take it in turns to be the quizmaster.

Share time together, it is precious!


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