Final prep for our ESB public speaking assessment students

Your Brandon teachers will have prepared you well so don't panic! Use the following as your last minute check list:


Make sure that your poster is designed to be read by an audience (large titles, clear organisation, minimal writing)
If you are using cue-cards, number them and clip them together. Be careful not to read!
Use your poster to guide you though your speech


Make sure you have learned your introduction: do you have to give background on the poet, analyse the language or say why you chose the poem?


Ensure that your selection has a mixture of dialogue and narrative
Be prepared to introduce your selection, putting it in context
Remember not to hold your book in front of your face!


Listen attentively and try to think of questions which will engage the rest of the group
Offer your support and encourage other speakers

 I took my first ESB assessment at the age of seven and I still remember the excitement. Ever year, the ESB assessors make incredible efforts to encourage and develop students and this year will be no different.

Good luck everyone!


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