For my wonderful PolyU students: never doubt your abilities

I have just finished teaching two more groups at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and (as usual) have been awed and humbled by their determination. If you ever become cynical about the potential of the next generation, I recommend spending a couple of hours at PolyU observing how the students care about each other, their school and community. It is inspiring.

The following comments are directed towards my students:

You are all talented and driven individuals with the potential to make a real difference to your worlds. Watching you grown in confidence has been a privilege.

Remember: everyone speaks with an accent, there is no one "right way" of speaking. Use your unique speaking voice rather than trying to emulate someone else.

Plan. Be prepared to change your plans. Adapt, don't panic.

Read your audience and try to understand what will engage them. Run through the skills we have learned and apply the ones you feel are most effective.

Good luck and be confident in all your endeavours!


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