Revision Planning - IGCSE, Pre-U, A Level, Common Entrance, 13+,11+

The exam content may differ but the basic premise is the same; you study for a period of time, assemble the facts and techniques and attempt to distill your learning into a few short hours. One of the common consequences of this situation is a month of blind panic during which you know that you should be revising and can't think where to start. So here is an idea:

1; Acquire a copy of your syllabus

2; Go through the above, dividing content into three columns marked "confident I know this," "need to go over it," "not the faintest clue"

3; At this point, you will need to seek help with anything that falls into the latter category

4; For the remaining topics, start allocating revision time. Clearly, your focus is on updating your knowledge of the familiar but consecrating more time to the unfamiliar

5; Break down your time into realistic blocks (seriously, are you going to cane through a topic a night?) Factor in time-cushions for unexpected delays

6; Start each day with a recap of yesterday's learning. This could be an essay question, a quick summary or a concept map.

7; Get on with it!

Alternatively, come to a Brandon Learning Centre revision course... !

Let me know if you would like ideas for any aspects of revision or study skills.


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