Delivering your speech - focus on phrasing (for my PolyU students!)

You have written the perfect speech; blending humour, sincerity and hard fact, there is something for everyone. Now how can you avoid undermining all your hard work with a lacklustre presentation? My next few posts will focus on delivery and are a supplement to a course I am currently teaching at PolyU to a wonderful group of engaged and dedicated students.

Step one: read through your speech outloud, record yourself at this point.

Step two: listen to the recording whilst scanning your speech, notice where you stop and pause for breath. Do your pauses mean that key phrases are lost?

Step three: mark your copy with to indicate phrases. You will end up with something that looks like this:

We are all aware of how the weather affects our moods/ but do we also think about the effect on our animals?/ Do we consider how miserable,/ how uncomfortable/ or how confused they may feel when they first encouter snow? /

By marking your phrasing, you break up the speech into manageable pieces and, most importantly, remind yourself to draw breath from time to time!


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