I am making a speech tomorrow; last minute public speaking tips

This week, we have over 200 of our students taking the English Speaking Board public speaking assessments. Each students will have to make a presentation, share a favourite book and poem and interact as part of a listening group.

I know that all our students are well prepared but here are some last minute ideas which apply to any presentation you make.

Cue cards:

If you are using cue cards, make sure that they only contain key words so you aren't tempted to read.

Number your cue cards; there is nothing worse than dropping them just before your speech.

Visual aids:

If you are using PowerPoint, try to incorporate pictures rather than words.

Use your visual aids to remind you of your main points.

Choose images/graphs which add more information or insight to your points.

Audience interaction:

Try to scan your audience as you speak.

Judge the area you have to work with and consider moving around to emphasise your key points.

Relax and smile; audiences will engage more with an approachable speaker.

Good luck everyone!


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