Interview preparation for children - an education for life

"How do I prepare my child for an interview?" is a common question we get at Brandon Learning Centre. In an ideal world, this question would be "How do I prepare my child for life?" The two aims are very closely linked!

Children with no outside interests are children with little to say in an interview. Equally, in later life, they may not have the cultural richness which will allow them to multiple environments. We are surrounded by opportunities to expand our children’s horizons; museums, galleries and plays are all available and are not necessarily expensive. These environments not only provide stimulation but as parents and teachers, we can also use them to challenge children to develop their critical thinking skills.

As a child, my parents would take us to libraries where we developed our ability to explore literature and learn about the history of our areas (the Thomas Ashe exhibition at the Dingle Library which included the dessicated remains of the last piece of bread the Irish Patriot refused will remain in my memory forever!) By exposing our children to culture and discussing it with them, we prepare them for interviews and social encounters later in life. Much more effective than rote learning answers!

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The Hong Kong Museum of History

The Story of Thomas Ashe


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