Here endeth the lesson - the art of Bible reading

Bible reading is an art form unto itself. Firstly, you have to struggle with language, then come to terms with the concept of reading the word of God. Once you have mastered those two points, you have to deliver the message in a way that doesn't make you sound like a hysteric. Simple eh?

The Language: If you are lucky, you will be reading from the King James version. Why lucky? Because the language you are about to encounter stands with Shakespeare in the ranks of richness. Elegant phrasing, resonant sounds that roll off the tongue. Compare Ruth 1:16 "where you go I will go" (New International Version) with "wither thou goest;I will go" (King James Version)

The meaning: read the second site suggested below which displays all versions of the text togetther with commentaries. Instant comprehension will follow!

The delivery: Bible reading is not drama. The key is that the reader fades into the background, allowing the listener to focus on the words. This means working on a smooth rhythm with no jarring emphasis. Disappearing is a difficult task for the speaker but with calm, clear delivery and subtle changes in pace and pitch, you can achieve it.

Bible reading is extremely satisfying, a wonderful way to develop your speaking techniques and you might even pick up some inspiration along the way!

The King James Bible

Wonderful website which combines all versions

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