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Preparing for the Speech Festival: Rule One, play to your strengths

If you have just returned to school and have been invited to participate in the HKSMA Speech festival, the next few posts may be of interest!

Rule one: When entering a Speech Festival, try to find a class you will enjoy. You have a variety to choose from: bible reading, prose reading, public speaking, poetry reading. Think of your voice, what each class requires of competitors, your own skill set and select your class with care.

Next time: I think I used to know that or how to remember your piece!

Basking in Olympic glory - in praise of London

The lead up to the 2012 Olympics was full of media pundits prophesying doom. What they didn't take into account was the determination of the British in the face of a challenge. The result was an scintillating celebration of the eccentricity of the British Character. Led by the unlikely fusion of a fearsome brain and a frightening haircut which is Mayor Boris Johnson, the Games were a triumph of perseverance with the focus of the spotlight being returned to it's rightful place: the athletes.

Pageantry and ceremony are inextricably linked with England and this vibrant extravaganza could not have taken place anywhere other than London. London has inspired poetry for centuries and, around 1501, William Dunbar delivered the following:

An extract from To the City of London by William Dunbar

London, thou art of townes A per se.
Sovraign of cities, semeliest in sight,
Of high renoun, riches, and royaltie:
Of lordis, barons, and many goodly knyght;
Of most delectable lusty ladies bri…

A scholarship and a bonus cake

We had an afternoon of over indulging at Brandon today after Max's family brought in a cake to celebrate his scholarship to Winchester College. Having successful students is reward enough but having cakes is an added bonus!